Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moments that make me go...hmmmm?

My son and his friends tend to confuse me. They do. They're in kindergarten. Go figure, eh?

Tuesday afternoon when I picked the kids up from school I found out that the Bear didn't have his sweatshirt. Not one sign of it.
Me: Bud, where's your sweatshirt?
Bear: I forgot it at school.
Me: Oh. So tomorrow make sure to throw it into your backpack. Okay?
Bear: Okay Mom.
Wednesday morning I dropped the kids off at school. The Bear's best friend's Mom (BBFM) walked up to me.
Me: Hi there!
BBFM: Um. BBF has the Bear's sweatshirt? [I always put an iron-on nametag in the kids' jackets]
Me: Oh really? I thought the Bear just left it at school yesterday.
BBFM: Yeah. I noticed it this morning when I was packing BBF's bag.
Me: Oh?
BBFM: I told BBF to give the Bear back his sweatshirt first thing this morning.
Me: Okay. Thanks.
I walk over to the boys. I see that BBF is actually taking OFF the sweatshirt. Huh? Now I'd understand if the kid put the sweatshirt in his backpack so he could hand it over to my son, but he was WEARING the sweatshirt.

That just confuses me.


Yesterday morning I noticed some frozen bread on our cutting board that was defrosting.
Me: Honey? Why is there this loaf sitting here?
Hubs: Because we're almost out of bread.
Me: Dear? Did you notice THIS full loaf here? [I move the toaster cover]
Hubs: Oh there's a loaf there? I didn't see it. You've got to stop hiding things from me.
There was a FULL loaf of bread sitting on the counter next to the toaster. And he didn't see it. Um. Really?

Then this morning? He opened up a cupboard and looked in. He closed it without removing anything and then peered into the dishwasher. He closed it without removing anything. I could totally tell that he was confused and that he was looking for something.
Me: Honey? What are you doing?
Hubs: I'm looking for the small container for the Bear's sandwich.
Me: Babe. It's right in the cupboard.
Hubs: It's not in there.
I opened up the cupboard and pointed to the TWO small containers sitting there. He didn't see them. Um. Really?

Oh Lordy-bee! My husband! He definitely has to open up his eyeballs. ARGH!

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