Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Smells yummy [updated]

Today I'm trying out a new recipe.

I found it on Recipezaar a couple months ago. Last night I decided to fix this version of beef stew tonight. Why this version? Because it's a simple crockpot meal. No fancy prep. Not a whole buttload of weird ingredients. Just throw everything into the crockpot on low for 6 hours.

Any new recipes I end up making are of the simple variety. I'm not a natural cook. I need a recipe. And I have a picky husband, so I have to select things that I feel he'll enjoy. There's no point in making something that 1/4 of the family won't enjoy. Actually, I think that I weigh the Hubs taste in the food more heavily than the kids. Just as long as the Hubs likes the food, then I'm happy. The kids will eventually eat whatever we serve. You know? We NEVER make a separate meal for the kids to eat at dinner. NEVER. They either eat what's served or they don't eat. But normally there is SOMETHING in the meal that they eat. The salad. The bread. The fruit. If they don't like the MAIN entree than there's always something else to munch on. So don't fret you people who are concerned about my kidlings tummies.

Right now it's almost 4pm. And the house smells YUMMY! I'm just about to leave and pick the kids up from school. Once we get home, I'll get them started on their homework. And then I'll fix some white rice to go along with the stew. I'm also going to make some cornbread in the cupcake tin. Making the cornbread in cupcake liners makes it easier to serve for dinner.

Additionally, cornbread cooked in cupcake liners makes it easier to keep as leftovers. I end up eating leftovers the next day or two. I also pack stuff up into the Princess' lunchbox. While the Hubs won't eat leftovers, the Princess will definitely eat stuff the day after (just like me). Like today? She had leftover pasta noodles from last night along with meatballs & sauce. YUM! I'm thinking tomorrow she'll include some cornbread and spinach salad into her lunchbox. She can definitely be a good eater. What's funny is that what she eats doesn't show up on her at all. I mean, she's 8 years old, is 4 ft 4 inches tall, and only weights 46.5 pounds! Yup...she's shaped like a stringbean!

Anyway...off I go. Gotta get them from school.

What's on for dinner at YOUR house tonight?


I got a thumbs-up on the Hubs for the beef stew I made yesterday. It was very tomato-ey (go figure with 2 tomato-based ingredients) and was sweeter tasting than the other stew I'd made before. The other stew had a more Asian-inspired taste to it.

After 6 hours on low in the crock pot, the meat was VERY tender. The carrots and potatoes were soft as well. The sauce was thicker than my other stew, which was not cooked in a crock pot.

We ended up with left-overs. Once the left-overs cooled down? I threw it all into a freezer bag. That bag is now ready and waiting for when the Hubs and I aren't in the mood to cook. YUM!

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