Saturday, February 7, 2009

Time with the kiddos...

...makes me tired!

The morning was normal as normal can be. We woke up and had a lazy morning.

Once the Hubs woke up and had his breakfast? The family went out for a walk. A long walk. Actually, the kids rode their scooters. The Hubs and I walked. And walked. It was good. After that we fixed lunch and relaxed. The Hubs went to the grocery store. Yes. He does that. I stayed home with the kids and tossed the ball on the driveway.

And just now? I'm bushed. You know why? Because I just played Wii boxing with the kiddos. My arms feel fatigued! The Bear is very competitive. He's REALLY good! So I had to really work. The Princess is also competitive. She's more strategic about her movements. After playing 6 rounds? I was so thirsty. THIRSTY!

Now? I'm relaxing on the computer. A lot less streneous THAT's for sure. Whew!

Did I tell you that I've already got the kids signed up again for swim classes? Yup. The kids start lessons the first week in March. We'll be headed to the pool after school. They'll be at it for 4 weeks. Then have a break. Then back again in April for 5 weeks. Yes. It's almost warm enough to go swimming in the afternoon. Woohoo!

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