Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week in Review Feb1-7

Here's the weekly wrap-up in pictures!

February 1 - Most days of the week, the Princess opts to wear a headband. And every weekend, there is a pile of headbands in the kids' upstairs bathroom. The headbands are supposed to be downstairs in the half bath where the kids do their final "prep" for school. No matter how much I remind the Princess to bring the headbands downstairs each morning, we tend to have a multi-colored rainbow of them next to her toothbruth each Sunday.

February 2 - I pull out the kids' backpacks each morning. I put their stuff next to their backpacks - folders, lunchboxes and water bottles. But the kids are responsible for packing their bags every morning. Got a shot of the Bear putting his Cars water bottle into his Cars backpack. Thermos doesn't make the Cars themed water bottles anymore, so I'm glad I bought two of them.

February 3 - I spotted this display while I was out doing errands today. The American Heart Association currently has a campaign to help spread awareness about women and heart attacks. Friday, February 6th, was National Wear Red Day.

February 4 - The Princess found a hat that she'd received AGES ago. She decided to put it on. Doesn't she look so J-Lo -- Jenny on the Block -- circa 2000?

February 5 - I liked how the chairs here made long shadows on the tiled floor. I was pretty mesmerized by it. What ELSE am I going to do while I'm waiting for my car's oil to get changed? But I do have to say that the guys at my local Jiffy Lube were VERY fast. Granted, I got there right at 8am. I was in my car driving home by 8:20am. But it's nice to know that they're efficient and pleasant in the morning.

February 6 - Can you tell that my daughter is going through a purple phase? Purple t-shirt. Purple jacket. Purple dots on her headband. Purple scarf. Yeah. LOTS of different shades of purple. Funny how I don't mind her wearing tons of purple. I really had issues (which I never revealed to her) when she wore tons of pink. Pepto-bismol!

February 7 - The Bear has two piggy-banks in his room. He has a plastic jar that we got from the Discovery store a while back. You can see it on the left there with the blue stars. He also has this hippo. Note how he placed a smily face sticker on its tummy. And has given it some hair with a plastic purple necklace. Yes. He decorated it to make the hippo look more festive. You see my silly guy in the background playing with a lighted twirly gizmo.

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