Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Your love is like a tidal wave...

Yes. It is.

Not me. My daughter.

She apparently has stomped on a little boy's heart.

She's eight.

On the Friday before Valentine's Day, she came home with a big grocery paper bag. It was filled with Valentine cards and candy from all the kids in her class. The Bear also had a bag. After dinner that Friday, the Hubs and I sat on the couch and watched the kids open their cards. The Princess read her cards out loud. I helped the Bear read his. I filtered the "good" candy out for the kids. I threw the rest of the candy into the trash.

The Hubs' eyes popped open when the Princess pulled out a gift bag. It was a gift from one person. A boy in her class. It had a necklace and bracelet in it. It also had a stuffed animal in it. Of course, it had a card in it as well. Before the little boy (LB) signed his name, he wrote "I love you".

I didn't find out until today, but I guess she broke the little boy's heart that day. I spoke with the little boy's Mom (LBM) today after school.
LBM: You know? LB actually was crying on Valentine's Day.
Me: What?
LBM: I guess that he wnet up to Princess and asked her if she'd be his Valentine.
Me: Okay...
LBM: She told him no.
Me: She did? Well...she's doing exactly what my husband told her. He told her that she's not allowed to have a boyfriend until she's already in college.
LBM: Oh...that's what it was.
Me: Yeah...
LBM: Well, he's telling everyone that it was the "Worst day of my life!"
Me: Oh no!
LBM: He was telling his grandmother yesterday.
Me: Oh gosh.
LBM: What made it even more traumatic is because how SassyGirl reacted.
Me: SassyGirl? What happened?
LBM: Well, LB gave SassyGirl a special Valentine gift last year. When she found out that she didn't get one this year? She actually went up to his face and said "I didn't want to be your Valentine anyway!"
Me: She did not!
This is EXACTLY the reason why I don't see the point of little elementary kids giving each other "special boy-girl" presents. It causes unnecessary angst and drama.

But I tell you what folks...the Hubs was tickled pink about the Princess' response to LB. We can both just imagine the look on the Princess' face when she said she wouldn't be LB's Valentine. Oy! The Princess just enjoys everyone in her class. She doesn't have any favorites with all the boys. She treats them all basiclaly the same. The Hubs said the Princess is a little heartbreaker -- I have NO idea where she gets that from! Do you? He-he-he!
You're a heartbreaker
Dream maker, love taker
Don't you mess around with me!

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