Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clean? or Not Clean?

Remember how I told ya that my washer is broken?

I ended up going to the laundromat today.


When we lived across town at the rental townhouse, there was a laundromat about a mile from us. I didn't mind going there because it was convenient and super-duper clean.

The one closest to our current home? It's an old place. So my visit today wasn't the most enjoyable. Thankfully, I had my little MP3 player that has a built-in radio. I was able to listen to some talk-radio while I waited for my stuff to finish.

I always observe other people. Even when it doesn't look like I'm watching. I listen. I'm aware of those around me I make sure I remember who is in a room with me. Whose stuff is near me. It's just the way I am.

I thought it curious when one lady actually went to the restroom at the back of the laundromat. I was using the washers about 10 feet away, so I saw her go in. Not 5 minutes later? Another lady went up to the restroom and tried the door.
Her: Is someone in there?
Me: Yeah. I saw a lady go in there a while ago.
Now...not one but TWO ladies went to use the restroom. At the laundromat. At almost hte same time. Huh? When the kids and I go out and do errands, I make sure they use the bathroom before we leave the house. Why? So we won't have to use the public restrooms. I'm not being a germy-phobe. It's just if I can prevent a visit to an unknown restroom then why chance it?

Then there was the lady who was removing her clothes from the dryer. And dropped about 5 items on the floor. She just picked them up and threw them in with the clean clothes. Like it was no big deal. Now...when you're at a laundromat, are you EXTRA careful to make sure you don't drop stuff? Especially when you're removing the clean items and putting them into your bag/basket?

But I must say that the three Hispanic men who were in there washing clothes were VERY polite. When I got there I had to take my baskets in one at a time. And each time I went in, they'd open up the door for me. How nice was that?'s funny what you see when you're out and about. Especially when you're somewhere that you don't normally visit. So what's the strangest behavior that YOU've seen today?

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