Thursday, February 26, 2009

What to do? What to do?

The kidlings have today and tomorrow off. Yes. Off of school.


Because the RODEO is in town.


Yes. All the schools in our city have today and tomorrow off. Because the Rodeo is in town. This is why the kids in our area don't get President's Day off. Because they have today and tomorrow off.

Do we live in the "country" or what?

It's a beautiful day to have off of school though. Last night we told the kids that they'd get to sleep in this morning.

The Bear was up at 6am. The Princess came downstairs at 6:30am. They did NOT sleep in. AT. ALL.

So I worked a couple hours this morning. I'm taking a few hours to be with the kids. We walked to the coffee shop mid-morning. Actually, the kids used the scooters as you can see below. They let me in the dust as I walked.

The Bear is cracking up below at something his sister is explaining in her flamboyant way.

We also went to the DVD rental store and got movies. The kiddos played in the front for about half an hour while I pulled weeds. The Princess took some time to run and down our street. I love watching her when she runs as her hair flies behind her.

They are busy watching Madagascar 2 and I'm just cooling down.

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