Friday, February 27, 2009

Notable new items to my menu

On Wednesday, I chose to make a new chicken dish. Oven-baked chicken.

Since it listed chicken on the bone? I made drumsticks instead of thighs. This way the kids would be able to have a portion that would fit into their tummy. Nothing bigger than what they'd need. It ended up being yummy. The Hubs and the kiddos enjoyed it, so this version of chicken is going to be a keeper.

We did end up with leftover chicken. And so? I opted to make chicken fried rice yesterday for lunch. I have to admit. It was the very FIRST time I'd made fried rice for us. Uh...yeah. I never have ever, ever made us fried rice.

Here is the rice sitting in the pan. I'd just turned off the heat. I shredded the carrots instead of cutting them so the kids wouldn't mind them so much. And how my first batch? It was super yummy.

And here is what the kids' ended up with. Rice. Strawberries. Bananas. YUM! The Princess had 3 portions of rice. She really enjoyed it.

I now just ate the leftovers from yesterday. It was only a teeny-tiny bit. Less than a cup of rice. But now? I'm hankering for more! Next time I make this fried rice? I'm going to totally make a bigger batch. BIGGER!

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