Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weeks in Review Feb8-28

Oh my goodness! I am so WAY behind with my photos. I've been swamped and haven't been grabbing my camera every day. [sigh]

February 8 - The kids were playing/wrestling in the Princess' room. I couldn't help but hear them laughing and giggling upstairs. I was drawn to go up and check things out. They heard me and had these little "guilty" smiley faces.

February 10 - The two take turns on my laptop. They like to play on Poptropica and Webkinz. The Bear checks out what the Princess' is doing. Can you see how intently he watches what's going on?

February 11 - Again the two have their heads together. That HUGE-mungous hat that the Bear is wearing? It's from our visit to San Diego. We HAVE to go to El Torito every time we're in San Diego. The Hubs loves their Sour Cream and Chicken Enchiladas. I found out at my last visit there that they no longer make my all-time favorite, Spinach Enchiladas. They've replaced it with Vegetables Enchiladas. [sniffle-sniffle]

February 18 - Here are the hot air balloons that recently were being blown-up in the subdivision adjacent to ours. The kids couldn't believe how close the balloons were to our house. You see how the Bear is waving at the balloon? Well, the balloon went directly over our house and we yelled "Good morning" up to them and they yelled "Good morning" back to us. It was fantastic!

February 20 - Look at all the stuff I've got on my passenger seat. Those plastic bags? They've got cookies in them. I don't know about you, but when I'm on the go I always drink my coffee with a straw. I find that it's "safer". I don't have to worry about unsecure lids and coffee spilling all over the place.

February 24 - Here is the one hot air balloon that had just passed over our house again. Isn't it pretty?

February 26 - Here are the kids on the way to the coffee shop. Sunny. Warm. We all had a good time. AND we got yummy snacks. Do you see how slender the Princess' legs are? She's just skin and bone!

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