Monday, March 2, 2009

Get the screwdriver and drill out! [updated]

Remember when I mentioned that my washer went kaputz?

And then the repair guy came out last Monday?

How he analyzed the issue and we had to get a new part?

What I failed to mention to you was that the guy was scheduled for the repair between 8am - noon. I'm not complaining about the time. It was fine. The guy came around 10:45am. Definitely not 8am, right?

Today's 2nd visit was scheduled for the same timeframe, 8am - noon. I got a call at 8:07am.
Repair Guy: Hi. This is Stan with GE?
Me: Yes?
Repair Guy: You've got a scheduled repair this morning. I'm here ringing your doorbell and nobody is answering.
Me: I just finished dropping my kids off. I'm 2 minutes away.
Repair Guy: Okay.
Y'all? When I scheduled the appointment with him last Monday, I told him I drop the kids off in the morning. That I normally get home by 8:15am. I guess he didn't make a note of it. He just was there at my front door ringing and ringing. But I should be happy that he didn't just leave after ringing the doorbell a couple of times. Which (sadly) has happened with other service repair professionals (can you hear the sarcasm off of that title?).

Who would have guessed that the guy who came almost 3 hours after the start of our scheduled repair last week would come right on the dot for this one? Would you have guessed that? Not me. I figured that I was safe with my 15 minute window of "lateness". [shaking head]

But they're "fixing" it. Actually when I went into the garage, they were still in the midst of dismantling it.

down and out

Hopefully they'll be able to get it all fixed up. I seriously need to do some laundry!

------------ UPDATE @ 9:45 a.m. --------------------------------

You see the guy in the beige shoes? He's holding the back drum of my washing machine. They removed that piece and put in a new piece.

Right now? They put in the new piece and are test running the washer outside (without water).

And it STILL sounds AWFUL.

Still sounds rough and too loud.


------------ UPDATE @ 10:10 a.m. --------------------------------

The repair guys are gone.

My washer is still in the garage (not inside my laundry room).

They've ordered another part for the washer.

Apparently, we need a new inner stainless steel drum.

And the new part? Generally takes a week to arrive.

The repair guys said IF the part comes in by Friday to give them a call and they'll try to fit me in before the weekend. One of the guys lives about 4 miles away.

So I'm without a washer for another 5 days at a minimum.


I knew I didn't like this washer when we bought it 4 years ago!

I wanted this one. It's a larger washer - 4.0cu ft instead of 3.1cu ft.

This is how I wanted my laundry room to look.

But alas. We've got the smaller washer. With the smaller doors. The washer where I can't wash our king-sized comforter in.

Looks like I'll be at the laundromat again this week. Oh fun!

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