Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Didn't watch it but...

I heard that there was a televised press conference last night. I didn't watch it but I heard that Obama got a little testy at one point.

You know the moment. When someone from CNN asked Obama something along the lines of when he was informed about the bonuses being handed out at AIG why did he wait a few days before responding.

And then Obama pauses and then says that he "likes to know what he's talking about" before he speaks.

I'm sorry. I just about BUSTED. A. GUT. when I read that this morning.

Obama made a major slip-up on The Tonight Show during casual conversation. Like he didn't know that it's not right to compare yourself to individuals who are physically or mentally impaired. Like he had no clue that was wrong. I mean, it's not like Jay Leno was pressuring Obama with hard-hitting questions. The two men were just chatting. And that slip-up happened.

Can you IMAGINE what Obama might say when he's in casual conversation with a foreign dignitary? Will he KNOW what to say to a person of that stature in a one-on-one? Will he "unknowingly" insult someone of high regard? I wouldn't be surprised when it does happen. Seriously. If you don't know how to "check" yourself during a casual public interview than you certainly won't know your to handle yourself during a private diplomatic conversation.

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