Thursday, March 26, 2009

Batter up!

The Bear has his first baseball practice tonight at 5pm.

Yes. Dinnertime.

But luckily today is his short day at school (pick-up at 2:45pm versus 4:15pm), so he'll have time to relax and finish him homework. Then we'll be off to the park to meet his coach and have his first practice.

I have to say that I'm totally EXCITED for him. I always wanted to get into a sport when I was young. But my folks didn't let me join anything. We were immigrants and we didn't have much money. My folks did relent a couple times. My two older sisters took tennnis lessons one summer. My two older sisters took piano lessons for a few years. My two older sisters were in Girl Scouts a couple years. My two older sisters were in judo for a year. Me? I got to take violin lessons at school once a week. For some reason, they put a label on me. That I was the youngest. Therefore, in their mind, I couldn't do anything. I wasn't strong enough.

No. I'm not imagining this. BigSis#2, LilSis, me and my Mom had a conversation this year. We were talking about when we were little. And my Mom actually said "Grace was just not strong enough to do any of that stuff." She admitted it. That she and my father had already placed a limitation on me. On my ability. Without letting me even TRY.

That's why I let the kids try things. I'm not one of those gung-ho parents who gets their kids in every single sport throughout the year. The Hubs and I just aren't focused on that. But I'm letting the kids try things that I was never able to do when I was young. The Princess is a Brownie. The Bear is starting baseball. The two have taken swim lessons for the past year. The Princess has been rock-climbing and riden horses. I'm hoping to get them started into martial arts (Chun Kuk Do) over the summer. I want them to EXPERIENCE more things than I did and see what they enjoy.

So tonight? It'll be the Bear's turn to have some fun. He's got athletic skill, he just has to be shown how to direct his energy. It's going to be fun!


Here are a few photos from the practice.

Look how intense his face is on this one!

The coachwanted to get them into the right position to hit the ball, so he used the T at first.

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