Friday, March 27, 2009

Knowing how to have fun with other kids

Today I was tasked at watching over other people's kids.

It wasn't to babysit per se. It was to supervise the kids to and from a field trip. Not all the kids at the school were abale to attend. Only the kids who earned enough credits for in the 3rd Quarter Reading program were able to go on the field trip.

And where did the kids go?


It's an in-door jumping castle party place. Both my kidlings had their most recent birthday parties at this location. It's a fun place.

I was under the impression that I'd just drive my two kidlings to Pump It Up. But I had a nagging suspicion that I'd end up with a couple more kids. So when I drove around to get cash (for the weekend) and get a VENTI Caramel Macchiato with soy, I also dropped by to get some snacks. Snacks?

I know from past experience that the kids would NEED snacks. The school was scheduled to have the two LARGE party rooms from 9:30am - 11:30am. The kids normally have a morning snack around 10am. I did NOT want any of the kids in my car to be complaining at 11am that "I'm starving!" So I picked up some snacks. Nothing too sweet. Graham crackers. Goldfish. Pretzels. Easy stuff that they all could eat in my car on the way over to the place. This way they'd have something in their stomachs and be able to play until we got back to the school around noon.

The kids had a BLAST (like we figured) at the place. About 75% of the kids who went had already been to a party or two at the place. The other 25% had no idea HOW much fun they'd have. And they all ran around like maniacs. There were a number of kids who had to lay down on the benches because they were tired and hungry. My four charges did not run out of steam. I had fueld them up sufficiently so they could play the entire team. Yeah!

When the time was up? The mom of the little girl I had in my car picked her daughter up from the party place. We drove the little boy that rode in our car. Then the kids and I went home. We had lunch. And the Bear actually napped. Not only was he tired but he ended up catching something. He had a fever. But? At least he had a FUN morning.

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