Sunday, March 29, 2009

It made me turn away in surprise

The Bear's game yesterday was fun to watch. Of course, it was a BIG mess because not all the kids understand the rules yet. How they should cover their position. A shortstop doesn't need to run into right field to help the other kids get the ball. You know? I'm sure the kids will soon learn what each position is and how to handle themselves when they're placed in a particular spot. But for now? It'll be a mess.

For the Bear's game, the team sat in the dugout that is behind first base. All of us parents and grandparents sat in the bleachers that were to the left of the dugout. I was able to chat with the other parents and find out which child was theirs.

I didn't speak to one particular Mom directly. But I do know who her child is. Let's this child Bobby.

During the game, most of the kids sat in the dugout and listened to the coach. They cheered and waited their turn. Instead of paying attention to the game? Bobby would try to talk to his Mom, who sat on the far left of the bleachers with her younger child.
The first time he called for her, she heard his call almost immediately. She walked over to him as he clung to the chainlink fence. It was a short conversation. The team had to take the field. But the next time in the dugout Bobby almost immediately wanted his Mom.
Oh. My. Good. Golly. Yes. That is exactly. what. he. said. I had to turn and look to see where Bobby's Mom was. She was not sitting in her previous spot. I think she was behind the bleachers talking to someone she knew. She finally did hear him and walked over to him. The conversation was not as quiet as their first one.
Bobby: "No. I want to get something else."
Bobby's Mom: "Bobby, you've already had a hot dog and cotton candy."
Bobby: "You gave little sister (I didn't catch the name as I was cringing inside) some pizza and chips. I don't like you. You're being mean."
Y'all? I can't believe this child was speaking to his mother like that. Demanding. Disrespectful. AND Bobby will be someone that the Bear will be interacting with for the next 8 weeks or so. Oh joy! While the Bear is getting some fun and exercise out of baseball, Bobby is turning it into a competition of love with his siblings. I guess I'm going to meet all kinds of "interesting" parents as the kids get older and get into more activities. [sigh]

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