Monday, March 23, 2009

Help me select a printer

Our printer is peetering out on us. It's barely printing even though I've changed out the cartridges. On the "normal" print setting the words are barely legible. Like the cartridge is running out. But I've changed the cartridges. And yes. It still looks faded even when I choose the "beset" print setting.


We don't print a whole lot. Maybe 5 pages a week? So we don't need a heavy-duty machine. Just something that'll print nice crisp pages when we need a hard copy. Since we don't need a bunch of pages at a time, I don't want to spent a whole lot on it.

So WHO is ready to recommend a printer that's less than $150?

* The Lexmark X2650 Color All-In-One would allow me to scan photos (which is a feature I don't have) for about $50.
* The HP Deskjet F4280 Color Flatbed All-In-One would also give me a scanner/printer combo for about $70.
* I might not get a scanner as part of the Epson Workforce 30 Color Inkjet Printer, but it sounds like it's sturdy for $70
* Then there's the Canon Pixma MP480 All-In-One Photo Printer that has the scanner and also can do print quality photos for $80.

What to do? What to do? So if you all are tremendously happy with your home office printer, please please PLEASE let me know what you've got.

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