Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weeks in Review Mar8 - 21

Here's where I try to catch up with my photos.

March 8 - Here are the troops getting some items for our yard. Time to plant some replacement flowers!

March 9 - The Princess likes to go up and down our street with her jump rope. She runs and jumps. A lot of the time she asks me to "time" her.

March 10 - Here's my girl reading. Look how deep in concentration she is.

March 11 - The Bear is busy kicking up some water while the instructor took the other student in the class out into the middle of the pool. He's got goggles on and he's still squinting. Too funny.

March 12 - 13 - I skipped a couple days. ARGH!

March 14 - But here are my two next to each other. And actually smiling nicely. See how my girl has a book tucked into her arm?

March 15 - The water was freezing but the kids didn't care.

March 16 - 20 - I missed a whole bunch of additional days. Too busy catching up on work and keeping the kids busy while on Spring Break.

March 21 - Here's the Bear getting his first pair of baseball shoes. Of course, we HAD to have him test out the shoes in the store.

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