Monday, March 9, 2009

Water? Why is there water?

You'd think that I wouldn't have a problem with water. I DO live in the desert. And I DO love sitting with an ice-cold glass of water.

But water IS NOT supposed to be on my laundry room floor.


I found water in my laundry room floor as I moved my first load of wash into the dryer. WATER! on the floor! ARGH!

I immediately called the service tech. You know. The guy who first came to analyze the problem with my washer. The guy who ordered a part that he felt the washer needed. The guy who came back for a 2nd time and then realized that the part he ordered was NOT the offending piece. The guy who came again last week and changed out two parts (the first one got changed out again in case they'd damaged it) and ended up leaving his keys in the ignition in the ON position and draining his van battery. [sigh]

Yes. I called him to let him know that after my first load of laundry there was water on my floor.


Thankfully? He was in the area and he swung by within 20 minutes of my call.

No charge for this FOURTH visit. But I did give him the dolly he left here on Thursday. Fair trade, don't you think?

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