Sunday, March 8, 2009

Only 17 more days!

17 more days until we close on our house!

I'm so jazzed. We've got SO much to do before that day though.

We've got our windows measured for some plantation shutters. Hubs just loves the look of the wood shutters. They also keep the light out during the HOT summers here. They'll be painted white but we'll still see the grain of the wood through it. We're getting the master bedroom, family room, breakfast nook, den, dining, and living room windows done. Isn't that a lot? But that's the look my hubs likes and well...he's paying for it. The only thing is that the shutters won't be done until about 3 to 4 weeks AFTER we move in. Thankfully, the place that's making our shutters puts up temporary shades up. We've got them coming in to do that the afternoon we move in.

I've measure the other bedroom windows and will put in an order for cellular black-out shades soon. I'm thinking of putting some panels up. This way we can put the shades up and let some light in while still having privacy. My BIL will be coming in the day after we move in, so I'll have him put up the kids' cellular shades and the rods (my hubs HATES putting holes in the walls!).

My hubs has called to get the water, gas, electric, and cable set up to start the day we close. We're getting a water softener and RO system put in a few days after we move in. Our breakfast nook table and chairs will be delivered the day after we move in.

Oh yeah! And we already had the moving rep come into the townhouse to check out how much stuff we've got. We've got the estimate for the move and have set up a time frame for them to come and get our stuff. Woohoo!

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