Saturday, April 25, 2009

Countdown to another relative

In another seven or eight weeks, I'll have another niece. It'll be my 7th time as an Auntie!

LilSis is currently in her 3rd trimester. She and Shorty are expecting a little girl.

This coming weekend is their baby shower!

But not all of us will be going. The Bear has a game. The Hubs will stay home with the Bear. The Princess will be heading out with me to the shower.

Road trip!

I've already got a rental car reserved. I won't need my vehicle for the drive since it'll only be the two of us girls. We'll just be taking a mid-size sedan. Once we get to the car rental place on Friday, I'll see what we end up with. You know how they don't give you specific models for each location -- it's always a list of several vehicles. [sigh]

The Princess will be missing one full day of school. But that's because I refuse to drive at night.When I make these roadtrips, you all already know I start out in the morning. This way I'm fresh and awake. Plus my eyes get more tired at night -- darn contacts!

What I still do need to do is head over and buy LilSis and Shorty some gifts for their wee little one. I'll end up doing that sometime tomorrow or Wednesday.

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