Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting Ready for Another Game

At the Bear's after-school request, the Hubs took the Bear to practice yesterday (Thursday).

On Wednesday night when the Bear was tired as a bug, he whimpered that he wanted me and his sister to bring him to practice. Thus, the Hubs figured he had the afternoon off from being chauffeur.!

I ended up staying home with the Princess. I made some fried-rice and mixed in some leftover grilled steak from the night before. It turned out SO yummy. But I digress!

When the Hubs and the Bear came home, they announced to me that Saturday's game would be at 11am. Both the Bear and the Hubs repeated this at least twice each.

Okay. Fine.

But this afternoon when I looked at the schedule posted on our pantry door, it said that Saturday's game would be at 9am.


So what did this Mom do? I could take the Hubs word to heart and just show up at 11am tomorrow. But me? I called the coach to verify.
Me: Hi Coach? This is Grace. The Bear's Mom?
Coach: Oh hi!
Me: I wanted to verify something with you. My husband told me that Saturday's game would be at 11am. The schedule says it's at 9am.
Coach: Oh yeah. It actually is at 9am. We were going to switch times with another group of players, but it didn't work out.
Me: So it IS at 9am tomorrow?
Coach: Yes.
Me: Okay. I'm glad I called. We'll see you tomorrow!
I am so glad that I called. We would have shown up at 11am and would have totally missed the Bear's game. And the Bear? He would have been devastated!

Crisis averted! [sigh of relief]

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