Friday, April 10, 2009

Keeping busy [updated]

Today the kids are home from school.

Yes. For some reason, my kids charter school decided that today would be an official vacation day. My kids are home while all the other schools around us are in session. [sigh]

So since there are no other kids at home today I'm having to figure out what to do with the kidlings.

I took them to get haircuts. My kids were the second two in the chairs at 9:15am. There were two gentlemen in the chairs getting their buzz cuts. Most likely police officers. Other than them? The place was empty. But as soon as the kidlings got in the chairs? People started walking in. Three people ended up in the waiting area when another man walked in. He saw us all in the waiting area and immediately walked back out. Too funny.

We came home and played a bit of ball on the driveway. The Bear practiced fielding ground balls. I played a little 'tennis' with the Princess. Once I got too hot? We came in. Snack time! I had to check emails from work to make sure there was nothing urgent I needed to take care of. Thankfully it was just the usual Friday crap from the gal who does 'less than stellar' work. I read the emails and have registered her usual mediocre list of work she's completed for the week.

Soon enough though? The kidlings and I will be headed out once again. I decided that we're going to see "Monsters vs Aliens" in 3-D!!!! Have any of you seen it?

---------------------- updated ----------------------

Oh WOW! The movie was so funny. Seeing the 3-D version of the movie was WELL WORTH the extra $5 per person admission price.

Now I've got to get a little bit of work done. But we'll be playing some Boggle in another hour or so after I've got some stuff under my belt.

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