Thursday, April 9, 2009

Now I've made it official

I actually signed into our town's website and filed a formal complaint.

About my sucky neighbor and their habit of collecting trash. In their backyard.

I sent an email to a few people in February about the problem. I sent another email out in March. So today was the third time I brought up the issue. But this time it was on the town's request tracking system.

Not only did I file a formal complaint, I also emailed the person who was assigned to the complaint. I forwarded the latest photos of the backyard in question.

Take a look at what I saw just an hour ago:

Here's what it looks like from the back view-fence towards the front of their yard closest to the sidewalk. See the window screen on the ground?

Here's the trash right up against the back view-fence. Uncontained trash just sitting there.

Here's the trash piled towards the front of the sideyard next to the wood gate. It's kind of difficult to see in the 2nd photo because the trash is in the shadow of the fence.

Here's the trash right below the wood gate. More uncontained trash just sitting there in the yard.


I don't know what else to do people. Why isn't anyone in authority doing anything? It's not like these are the homeowners. They are renters. Can't the "authority" figures put pressure on the homeowner to kick these people out?

I'm so frustrated!

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