Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Enjoying an Arizona evening

The kids went to the backyard when the Hubs fired up the grill to do our steaks. Yes. We eat beef.

The Hubs pitched some balls so the Bear could practice a little while the grill cooked our food.

As always, the kids and the Hubs enjoy watching the animals that pass through the "green" belt behind our house. The "green" belt consists of the natural desert vegetation growing wild.

Here is what we see behind our grill fence. These yellow flowers behind our fence? There were filled with bees busily working to gather nectar before the sun went down.

Upon closer inspection I felt sad for that poor bush on the right in the photo below. It was basically a twig growing up from the ground.

But then upon even closer inspection there was actually something under the green bush. Do you see it?



Do you see it NOW?

Yes. A snake. Under a bush. BEHIND. OUR. HOUSE.

Guess what kind?

A rattlesnake. See the rattle?

Did you happen to notice that there are TWO striped bodies above? There were TWO rattlesnakes.

Ah...yes...nature....right there beyond our backyard. [gulp]

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