Monday, April 6, 2009

Phil on his own voyage

Did you know that Phil Keoughan is riding across America?

WHO is Phil?

He's the host of The Amazing Race.

Phil is riding from March 28 to May 8. Why is he riding? To bring awareness to and raise funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Isn't it great?

There's a website - - to check how the ride is going. What's great is that they're inviting people to meet up with Phil when he gets to their city/town. You can actually "see" where Phil is at on the map they've got. But here are some stops for the next few days.

April 7 - Pagosa Springs, Colorado

April 8 - Saguache, Coloraco

April 9 - Fairplay, Colorado

April 11 - Denver, Colorado

What's the best though? Phil is posting a daily video blog. They post a couple days after the actual DAY. Most likely because they've got to edit the footage. But it's GREAT! When I watch The Amazing Race I always smile when I see Phil. But this footage from the ride? He's even more personable (if that's even possible). In the first 6 days of the race Phil rode over 650 miles. He's already 9 days into the ride so he's probably close to 1000 miles under his belt.

Congratulations to Phil on what he's been able to accomplish so far on his own Amazing Race!!!!

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