Monday, April 6, 2009

Keeping busy on a beautiful day

Yesterday was another beautiful day here in the desert. Turned out to be about 80-something degrees. Wispy clouds in the sky with an every so slight breeze. Lovely!

Before we went to bed Saturday night, the Hubs and I agreed that we'd spend some time outside. Both our cars were filthy. So? We concluded that Sunday would be a good day to wash our cars.I got the kids outside around 10am to get started on my car. It was already nice enough outside that we were all in shorts and t-shirts. The Princess and the Bear each got to spray one side of my car. And each got to be responsible to scrub one side of the car. Keeping the kids separated kept the two from fighting. You KNOW what I mean.

The kids then helped the Hubs wash his car. You'd think that since the Hubs car is much smaller than mine (he's got a small sports car) that his would get done quicker. Right before they started to to wash the Hubs car, I left and went to the store about 1.5 miles from our house. I didn't linger in the store and was really quick since I only had to pick up one item. I was back home in a jiffy. When I got home I saw that the Hubs was about to let the kids rinse his car. I put a major stop on that decision. The kids arehad major gaps on where they actually cleaned the car. I had to do a 2nd pass at the Hubs car and scrub the spots where they'd "missed".

I had to grab something to eat after the cars were washed. I felt like I was going to pass out. The rest of them had breakfast and had already consumed a snack as well. So they stayed outside while I went in for something yummy. I ended up with a roast beef sandwich and strawberries. It was SO good. It's so nice to eat those sweet strawberries.

The Hubs and the kids stayed outside...and started to blow out our front yard. Yes. The Hubs gave each of the kids a chance at the blower. He's good about letting the kids do stuff. I ended up taking the blower from the Bear though when I came out. I wanted to get the dried sticks out from under our bushes.Our trees end up shedding when the weather changes. And when the tree sheds we end up with the little dried sticks ALL. OVER. our yard. It was actually really nice having the Hubs do it with me. The last time the yard got blown out I did it all myself. And it was TOO hard. I was thoroughly exhausted. This time the Hubs swept and gathered the blown out stuff from the sidewalk and into the trash. There was SO much crap that we blew off our yard. It was amazing. But our yard looks SO much better!!!!

How'd you spend your Sunday?

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