Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week i n Review Mar29 - Apr4

Here's the weekly wrap-up in pictures!

March 29 - Here's when I saw on the drive home from buying baseball socks for the Bear. I chose to go to a store that was about 15 miles away from our house. I chose it rather than the one that was actually 5 miles closer. Why? Because the closer one was in towards town. In the midst of traffic which I like to avoid at all costs. So the one that's further out of town allowed me to see this beautiful sight. Wide street. Low mountains on the horizon. No huge buildings around. Wouldn't you have gone to the store that is further too?

March 30 - When the Hubs and I got married we chose old-fashioned glasses to use everyday. We've been married 13 years and we're STILL using the same old-fashioned glasses. There are actually two glasses here in this photo. See that straw in the upper right? But I do adore our glasses. They're substantial - not flimsy at all.

March 31 - Oh...I couldn't stop myself from taking THIS photo. We're driving down another street going eastbound to home (just like the photo from the other day). The setting sun just about to hide behind the low mountains.

April 1 -Since I work from home I'm able to chose my own supplies. Hey, I pay for them so I get to select how I want to track my work. My favorite thing to log my daily work? One of these simple composition books. Yes. This is what I use to write down what accounts I work on and what I've done to each one. Using this instead of looseleaf paper helps keep everything together. It's easier for me to let my boss know what's going on and what I've done.

April 2 - Here's the Princess while we were at the Bear's weekly practice. She suddenly jumped up when she spotted a bug crawling on her flip-flops. She's 1000 times bigger than the bug but she still jumped up like NOBODY's busines. Too funny. You see her finger pointed on her left hand? She's actually telling me "MOM! There's a huge bug on my slipper!"

April 3 - Look at these beautiful cactus. Who knew that these prickly things could be nice to look at.

April 4 - Here's my little guy warming up for Saturday's game. Doesn't he look like a pro?The team in orange is who the Bear's team played. The Bear had a good time. I had a good time cheering. Of course, it was still a bit of a mess. They played three innings before their time on the field was up. After the game when we were walking to our car, I overheard the coach and assistant coach talking about the kids. I heard the coach say "..and Sebastian always has his eyes on the ball so he did good backing up the other boys..." So even the coach is recognizing my little guy's enthusiasm for the game. Yeah!

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