Saturday, April 4, 2009

Keeping it together

When people start new things, there is often an adjustment period.

But as we grow older, we recognize our foibles. Those things that we know we need to improve upon. Some folks are constantly behind schedule. Some folks are less organized. Whatever it is, we learn how to compensate for our own personal problem areas.

As we get our children into activities, we need to show them how to be on top of things. To have an organized backpack for school. To pack enough food/snacks into a lunchbox. To wake up in enough time to get ready for the day. To gently remind them things that are scheduled for the day.

Because if we as parents aren't on top of our kids schedules? It becomes a big old mess. It does. We then show them that showing up on time isn't really important. We show them that finishing our assigned task (i.e. homework) isn't really important. We show them that not practicing their sport or their instrument isn't really important. We basically show them that it's okay to be a slacker.

Today was picture day for our baseball league. All the levels were having their photos taken. Individual and team photos. At practice on Thursday we parents were told that the kids needed to be there before 9:20am, so try to show up by 9:10am. The photos were taken at one of the 4 regular play fields. Because of this, a couple of the morning games were being held at a different park. The Bear's game was one of the two games held at the other park. The photos were at 9:20am, but the Bear's game didn't start until 10:30am. So the Hubs and the Bear came home after the photos were taken. It was good because the Bear was able to use the toilet and then get a good snack in.

We get to the other park and the kids started playing. I noticed a few kids on our team that were missing. The Coach's two kids and Bobby. The Coach's kids came about 10 minutes after the game started. They made it in time for our team's first at-bat. But 20 minutes after the game started Bobby finally showed up. Turns out that his Mom brought him to the regular field. Even though she was there on Thursday when the Coach said we were at the other park. And better yet? Bobby never made it for the photos. I guess they were still all asleep at 9am this morning and only got up to get ready for the 10:30am game.

Does anyone's kid actually sleep in past 9am on a weekend? My kids may sleep in but they are normally up and doing something by 8:30am at the latest.

What's interesting is that when some parents behind me spotted Bobby running across the field I overheard...
"There's that naughty boy."
"You know, the one who was yelling at his Mom and is rude."
I'm definitely not the only one who has seen this young boy behave poorly. But it makes me feel sad that he's already getting this type of response from people. I mean, he's only SIX. I can jsut imagine in my mind's eye that Bobby may end up being one of those "drop-outs" in life. [sigh]

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