Friday, April 3, 2009

Disrespectful much?

Yesterday I took the Bear to his weekly practice.

We showed up about 10 minutes early. I like to show up early so that the Bear could get get some extra practice in and get warmed up. I brought an extra baseball and had him practice fielding grounders. Kids started showing up and asked if they could join the Bear in fielding grounders with me. It was so nice for the kids to ask in such a polite manner.

Practice officially started and the coaches split the kids up into two groups. The first group practiced hitting at bat. The other group practiced fielding balls. About 20 minutes into practice Bobby showed up. I mentioned Bobby the other day, remember him? Bobby walked up to the right dug-out gate and stopped.
Bobby: Coach? Coach!
He waited to see if the coach that was helping kids bat heard him. He began again and included some arm waving with his yelling.
Bobby: Coach! COACH! COACH!
Coach: Bobby? Come on over buddy.
That would have driven me nuts. Bobby didn't walk up to the coaches and ask where they wanted him. He just yelled and yelled from the fence until someone heard him.

And where was his Mom you might be asking yourselves. She was still in her car. She had stopped the car and unloaded Bobby so he could run across to the practice field while she parked her car. And then Bobby did his yelling bit.

What would YOUR child do if he/she were in the same situation? Would he/she yell from the fence? Or would your child walk up to the closest coach and ask where he/she should go?

Yeah. This Bobby kid definitely has some behavior issues that I don't agree with. What's interesting is that Bobby has an older brother. And from what the Hubs and I have observed, Bobby's older brother doesn't act like his younger brother. We've seen him talk quietly to his Mom and haven't seen him yell at anyone. Not once.

Now my two kidlings? They have two VERY different personalities. But at least my kids? Their ability to listen and follow our family rules is pretty much the same. They understand how we want them to behave. How we want them to treat others. I guess Bobby and his brother are just different in every way. I guess I should be thankful my kids are more even-keeled.

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