Monday, April 27, 2009

Seen on our scene

Remember a few weeks ago when we saw the two cuddling snakes?

Yes. That was an eye-opener. My WIDE eyes. The kids thought it was so cool. I looked at the Hubs and told him that the kids are no longer allowed back there.

But guess what we saw in the backyard this morning during breakfast. Look!

Yes. This cute little bunny. It sat so still for about two minutes. I was able to run and grab my camera this time. The last time I saw this little guy was....Easter morning. It didn't stay long enough for me to capture a photo. It hopped out of our yard before I got back to the window with my camera. [pouty face] But today I caught it! Woohoo!

These aren't the only times that we've had a brush with nature this month. The other Saturday afternoon we were out in the front yard doing some trimming and sweeping while the kids played. I finally got one of our chairs and sat in a heap behind my car. I heard a buzzing near me. It was BIG buzzing, so I cringed.
Me: Honey! Honey! There's something buzzing near me!
Hubs: Babe. It's okay. It's only a fly.
Another minute later he must have actually LOOKED at me.
Hubs: Bear? Bear! Come here. Go inside the house right now. Princess! Get over here right now! Get inside the house!
We all ran into the house. Apparently, the buzzing I heard was a BEE. And when the Hubs finally looked in my direction (after he responded to me that it was a fly), he realized there was more than one bee flying around. On further looking around he realized there were about 50 bees buzzing around the right eave of our garage. FIFTY. BEES.

The Hubs grabbed the phone book and was on the phone. He actually called some bee removal specialists. Yes he did! One guy answered and scheduled to come out the next day, Sunday. So we obviously didn't hang outside our house the rest of Saturday.

Sunday after lunch? The guy came. He took a look and fixed things up. He sprayed some stuff that's poisonous to the bees onto the eaves and surround area. He then sealed up the little hole that the bees were going into.

Guess what the guy said? That these were AFRICANIZED bees. Yes. Killer bees! Oh my goodness. Thankfully, he said that this group of bees was the pre-swarm. This group were the scouts that were finding a new home for the rest of the group. They were getting the place ready. And typically the rest of the swarm would come in the next 48 to 72 hours. So luckily we caught the pre-swarm the day they showed up. They didn't have enough time to get things ready. Yeah! Since the guy came? We haven't seen any bees in the area they were trying to make a new home from.

Whew! Crisis averted once again!

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