Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm giving in


I'm finally going to let you have it.

The reason I've not been in a good place.

I may (or may not) have a tiny issue.

For the last month I've had an itchy spot.

Most wouldn't think twice about having an itchy spot, but this one has been persistent.

I've been trying to put lotion on it each night for the last 3 weeks, but once a day doesn't seem to be cutting it.

I will oftentimes half-wake at night due to the itchy sensation and have the urge to just rake my nails on it.

And this itchy spot?

The one I've been putting lotion on and trying my darndest not to be too overly concerned about?

It's on my right areola.


This morning I finally got the nerve to call my general doctor to schedule an appointment.

I'll be seeing her Wednesday morning.

I'm sure she'll just take a look at it and determine next steps. Like if I actually have to go see someone else. Possibly a dermatologist or someone else who specializes in skin conditions.

I'm hoping it's just a pesistent case of eczema.

I'm dreading that it's something serious.

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