Thursday, March 12, 2009

T-minus 11 hours

It's 10:45pm.

In less than 11 hours I'll be on the road with the kiddos.

I actually decided after dinner that they will NOT be going to school tomorrow.

I was going to get them up at the regular time and get them to school at 8am.

Then I was going to go home and finish packing.

Then I was going to pick them up at 9:30am and head out.

That 1 1/2 hours in between? It's not really 90 minutes. Because I have to drive to the school and all that jazz.

So it's NOT worth it to get them up and ready that early.

So they'll wake up when they're ready.

But thankfully 95% of the kids stuff is packed. I just have to throw their toothbrushes, hairbrush, and shampoo/body wash into their bag along with a pair of tennies each.

I'm also going to bring a football, our baseball mitts and a few balls so we can play at the park.
I'm the only one that doesn't have one IOTA in a bag yet. Nothing. I put my toiletries next to my sink. But I don't have any clothes prepped. I'm kind of still deciding(?) what to bring. But once I get going it'll only take me 15 minutes to throw everything into a duffle. Since we're not doing anything that requires us getting dressy, then I don't have to be super careful about preventing wrinkles. You know?


We'll have a leisurely morning until....

we get in my car and drive for 6+ hours.


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