Friday, June 19, 2009

Green means go

Dear Sir in the White Toyota Truck,

When the car in the left turn lane has the green arrow, this car has the right-of-way.

When you look like you're turning right onto the street where I'm making my U-turn I'm going to honk at you. Just to be sure you know that I'm making my turn. I've seen too many accidents where people making right turns don't even look out for folks making U-turns.

I'm fine with you making your right-hand turn after I complete my U-turn.

I'm fine with you driving in the left-hand lane down the street.

I'm fine with you attempting to make your white truck go fast in the probable chance that you'll pass me to let me know that you're not happy with me.

What I found amusing? Was when about 100 yards up a beat-up mini-van decided pull out onto the street in front of us. And that mini-van chose to drive really slow in the left-hand lane where you were at.

What I found even more amusing is that you had to step on your brakes to not run into the person.

What make my tummy start to tickle even more was that you ended up changing lanes and getting behind me because the mini-van was going too slow. Too slow for you to pass me.

What made me sure that you were an idiot was when you turned right into a parking lot soon after you got into the lane behind me.

What made me laugh out loud (and I'm sure that the kids thought I'd lost it) was when you started yelling out your window at me as you turned into the parking lot.

Yes. You seriously were in a rush. To make it to the 99-Cent store.

Dude, I hope my U-turn didn't make you lose out on any deals there at the store!



The Amazing Trips said...

It drives me nuts to see people drive that way. Unless you have a pregnant woman in the car and the baby is crowning ... NOTHING is so important as to drive like an ass.

OK. Maybe if you really, really need to go to the bathroom. So, maybe the guy in the white truck had diarrhea and the 99-Cent Store was the closest restroom? Is it possible?? :)

Grace said...

The guy could have stopped at the Mickey-D's at the corner, so I don't think he needed to rush to the bathroom. Diarrhea? I don't think that was the problem. Maybe diarrhea of the mouth?