Monday, June 15, 2009

Images of happy memories

Do you see how awesome Darth Maul's makeup is? As he walked by me and the Bear, I started to giggle. Darth stopped and looked at us. The Bear? He put his little boy hand over my mouth and said "" Made me want to crack up even more.

These Centurians certainly looked like they were holding super-heavy guns. I'm sure these were plastic items but who could tell?

This is the swinging ferris wheel that made the Princess and the Bear nervous. Their feet couldn't reach the floor of the carriage so they had to hold onto the side-cage wire when the basket would swing. Hearing the Princess with her high-pitched little screams was too cute. She'd scream a little and then say "Sorry...sorry!"

This was a little kid ride in the Bugs Life area of California Adventure. It was a quick ride but doing small rides was a good break after doing the big ones. Also, we waited under the shady trees.

These bumper cars were FUN! The Princess drove one of these on her own while I pushed the pedal for the Bear in another "car". We only had to wait 5 minutes to get into this one.

The kids had a blast watching the High School Musical show. We knew all the songs and the dancers were VERY perky. Definitely a good show to watch.

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