Monday, June 15, 2009

Livid beyond belief

My husband and I are not talking.


Because yesterday his mother called him -- not me -- to make arrangements.

Yes. She called him as we all sat on the couch watching Independence Day. It was a short call and he agreed with whatever she was saying. He didn't look at me one iota during the call. But after he turned and said --
Hubs: The kids will be up at my Mom's until Thursday.
Yes. He told his Mom that she could have the kids until Thursday. He didn't even give me a time that we should expect them home. If they come home Thursday night, then they'll miss two swim lessons. TWO of the TEN lessons I signed them up for and paid for.


Needless to say I walked off in a huff. And then got on Facebook and wrote a status of

..hates it when people assume we don't have plans...

That was posted around 2:30pm my time. Around 5pm the Hubs went off to pick up some dinner. He came into the house all hot and bothered.
Hubs: What are you writing on there? [looking at the computer]
Me: Uh..why?
Hubs: Because my Mother just called me and said "If the visit is too much trouble for Grace then we won't take the kids."
Y'all? My MIL is not on Facebook. I have only "friended" 5 people in my Hubs family. Two of his female cousins who live far away. A male cousin who lives far away. A married in gal. And my BIL.

So? Guess who probably "tattle-taled" to his Mother on what I wrote on FB? My big-mouthed BIL. Can you believe it? Like I wouldn't be able to figure out who the SNITCH was. It's so high school. It's so petty. Like we've all written a status on FB out of anger. Out of irritation. Just to vent. Right? Like I couldn't vent?

Needless to say? I will be removing ALL of the Hubs relatives from my 'friend' list. One bad apple spoiled it for the bunch. None of them have my trust anymore (even though I'm almost 100% sure it was my BIL who did it). And when you lose my trust? You fill in the blank there with your own conclusion.

So as of now the Hubs and I aren't talking to each other because he blames the entire situation on me. Because of the one comment I wrote. Of course, he is not at fault. All he had to do was turn to me and say "My Mom wants to take the kids until Thursday" and I would have given him another possible visit scenario. Of course, it's not my MIL's fault for calling her son instead of the person who is at home with the kids every day and keeps their schedule. Nope. It's no one else's outward actions (and basic disrespect of me) that caused the situation. It's just me and my one written statement that isn't pointed at anyone directly. But is a statement that went out into the web-o-sphere.

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