Saturday, June 13, 2009

Overheard at the store

This morning I headed off by myself to do a couple errands.
  • Get some cash.
  • Get a gift card.
  • Get a birthday card.
The Princess was invited to a pool party for one of her oldest school friends. It's a boy. Yeah. That SO thrilled the Hubs when he found this out. ANYWAY...I went to get the boy a gift card because he wants to save up for a "big" item. As I looked through the card section for something appropriate for the boy, I heard a man talking with his son.
Boy: Daddy! How about this one? It's a nice card.
Dad: This one? It's a 99 cent card. That's cheap. You don't want to give him a cheap card.
I thought that was an interesting. The boy wanted the card because he thought it was a nice one. The father's comment was one that told me that he put value on how much things cost.

Me? I tend to get the less expensive cards when it comes to kids. I've found that kids seriously don't care that much about a card. From my own observations, they put more emphasis on what the present is. So if it was me and the kidlings in the store? I'd let them get the "cheap" card if they felt it was the 'best" card for their friend. Because this way we could spend those few extra dollars on the actual gift. You know?

So what do you think about the comment this particular father made?


jupiter said...

welcome back from your break - like the new look! just testing out to see if comments go through now, but yeah, I think we give our kids lots of messages we have no idea we're passing on. Most of them we'd be horrified at. Many times I've heard my daughter say something I don't really like, only to hear myself say the exact same thing on another occasion. She obviously heard it here first - Oops.

Grace said...

This definitely makes you think about what you say to around kids (who are total sponges).