Saturday, June 13, 2009

Loved the boxes

Remember when I mentioned that I wouldn't be using luggage for our 7-day trip?

I have to tell you that I loved using the plastic boxes instead of typical luggage or duffle bags.

I could actually SEE everything that was in the box.
I could separate out the clean versus dirty clothes easily.
In the hotel, I easily stacked those things into one pile so we'd have more floor space.

It was DIVINE!

What was even better was that I could slide all 3 boxes (one for each of us) into the back of my Ford Freestyle into one row across. It was a breeze getting things into and out of my car.

So if you and your family are taking a trip longer than a couple days? I'd highly recommend using these inexpensive plastic boxes (which I got at Tar-jay).

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