Monday, June 22, 2009

Saddened by what I saw and heard

I watched Jon&Kate + 8 since it began years ago.

I watched the first one-hour special and was hooked on the twins and the six.

What I saw on this latest episode saddened my heart.

I could see the earth-shattering sadness in Kate's eyes.

Some people out there have no idea how you can ignore your spouse. When my sister and her husband have a disagreement, they end up making up within an hour or two. Neither one of them can stay mad for long. It's just the way the two of them are made.

The Hubs and I? When we're pissed? We can be in the same room and completely ignore each other. We can sit at the same table and hold conversations with everyone else but each other. We can smile for the kids and laugh with them (not each other). The longest we haven't spoken to each other? A week. Seriously. SEVEN. DAYS.

So the situation that Jon & Kate are going through? I understand the pent-up anger. The lack of communication. It happens. It happens to me every now and again. I totally understand. And my heart aches that they weren't able to find another solution to what has happened to their relationship.

What I wonder now is if the tabloids will leave them alone now that their marriage is officially in shambles? Will the paparazzi move to the next "victim"?

But let me tell you that I know more than a handful of people who are now choosing to no longer support this type of crazy tabloid frenzy. One person I know who would grab 3 gossip magazines a week for decades has vowed to never buy one again. And this person? Doesn't even LIKE Jon&Kate! That's what's amazing. This person doesn't agree with how the tabloids are going about suddenly attacking this family's life. A certified tabloid junkie hasn't purchased any of the weekly mags for about two months now.

Some still might say that Jon & Kate asked for this because they're on tv. I mean they've been doing the show for about 4 years now and the media is suddenly all over them. After four years. And it's not like they're in Hollywood going to fancy clubs and living a fast life. They're in Pennsylvania bringing up their kids the best way they can.


Anyway, I hope that they do find peace. Even ground. A balance for all of them.

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