Thursday, June 25, 2009

When people say it's easy and they don't know what's going on

You all know that I have issues when people don't communicate properly.

I also have an issue when people assume how long things will take.

This week I got copied on the tail end of an email string about an issue.

Jun 24 @ 8:20AM from Grace's boss to Guy (cc: Grace)
As per your request, the new field has been added to the system. Will you populate the field or would you like Grace to populate the field?

June 24 @ 9:52AM from Guy to Grace's boss (cc: Grace)
Please have Grace populate the field.

Grace - let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

Further down in the email string were about 12 account names with the old number and a new number that needed to be put into the system. So what did I do? I put the new number in for those 12 accounts. That's all that was there so that's what needed to be done. Right?

June 24 @ 12:58PM from me to Guy & my boss
The 12 accounts now have the new number populated in the system.

June 24 @ 1:29PM from Guy to me & my boss
According to the attached file there are 196 accounts with a new number. Can you populate the new field for all of them?

This shouldn't take too long, using a vlookup and mass import...

Say what?

Yes. He bolded that statement in the email. Then he said it shouldn't take too long. With all the crappy account names they have on the list that don't match up with what we have on the system, it takes a bit of time and tweaking to get the stuff to match. I just can't believe his statement that it shouldn't take long. AND that he bolded that statement. I never got any gosh-dang-doodle spreadsheet before. I was only copied on the email string when it became evidenet that I was going to have to do the work to clean stuff up and those emails had NO SPREADSHEET attached to them.


I really dislike it when I feel this way. The pent-up rage that I feel when people assume that I can just stuff at the drop of the hat. Especially when I have other things on my calendar to get done. I kind of anticipate when I need to do stuff for my boss. I get those requests done pretty quick. But other people's stuff? Stuff that comes from out of the blue? That drives me crazy. C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!!

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