Saturday, June 27, 2009

My fingers hurt like a mutha!

Folks it's about 12:45am and I'm finally done.

Done with what?

I'm now finished sewing patches onto my daughter's Brownie vest.

Eight patches on the back. EIGHT. EIGHT!

I sewed them all by hand. Ya see, I've got no other option. I have no sewing machine. So my thumb (that was sprained about 6 weeks ago) and my pointer finger are aching something mighty.

Some might say that the girl scout patches are iron-on. Yes. That's what they say. But a bunch of folks say that the "iron-on" mechanism doesn't necessarily work in all cases. That the patches should still be sewed on with a simple stitch just to make sure they don't accidentally fall off.

So after getting all the Princess' patches at the last meeting that was held about two months ago, I finally got around to sewing on the patches tonight. You see, the Princess is going to troop camp tomorrow morning. And I have no idea if she needs to bring her vest or not. So my last-minute sewing frenzy, which has been about a 2.5 hour mission, is just in case she is supposed to wear the vest.

Even though I sewed on the eight patches on back of the vest? I still have two more patches that I still need to get on the back. The one she got for caroling and another cookie sale related patch. Then there's the 6 additional try-it patches that I still need to get on the FRONT of her vest. But these will all need to wait for another sewing spree.

Have your little Brownies and/or Girl Scouts been to troop camp already? Or are they still waiting for their weekend to go?

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