Saturday, June 27, 2009

Family of three

In less than an hour I'll be dropping the Princess off at her troop leader's house. The girls will be off for the entire weekend to Troop Camp at the Girl Scout campsite up in the mountains.

So we'll be a family of three most of the weekend.

I went to sleep way late last night and just got up a little bit ago.

According to the Hubs, the kids have been playing upstairs quietly since they woke up.

While the Princess is excited about leaving us for the weekend, the Bear wanted to spend "special" time with her before she left him. But let me tell you. The Bear is excited about being the ONLY one in the house for the weekend.

I bought him a new Crayola Star Wars Giant Coloring Pages pad from Tar-jay yesterday when we picked up some additional supplies for the Princess' camping trip. Yes. I got him something fun that he enjoys that we can do together.

I do believe that we'll be heading out for a 3-some dinner tonight. Run some errands. But somewhere in the weekend? I'm sure the Bear will have a breakdown where he'll say "I miss my Sissy" in a pathetic little voice. Nonetheless, I'm sure the Bear will have fun being the only kid we focus on this weekend, while the Princess will just have fun being with the "girls" for a few days.

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