Monday, June 29, 2009

This is when you know that life isn't fair

We're all out there in the blogosphere. When we're on one site, we click on a link to another site. Who knows? We may enjoy that other writer, right?

The reasons why we begin to follow a site are arbitrary. We may enjoy a person's writing style. We may enjoy a person's sense of humor. We may enjoy their photos. We may feel that a person's life is much like our own. Then there are those whose lives touch our hearts.

Last year I somehow found my way to Michelle's site.

Since she was diagnosed with leukemia, she has fought it. And those around her have bound together for the fight. Because of Michelle and her family and friends, more people are educated about being registered donors.
In August 2007, there were 6,745,950 donors on the registry. A further analysis of the donors found 37,336 Filipinos registered -- that's 0.7% of the entire registry! Only a drop in the bucket. There were 391,128 Hispanic donors (7.1%) and 511,622 African-American donors (9.4%) -- a much more plentiful pool of donors. It's only when you add up all the Asian/Pacific Islanders that you get up to 455,494 donors in all -- 8.5% of the registry.
What I read kept me thinking and a couple weeks after I found her site, I submitted my own mail-in kit to be placed on the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) Registry. But the timing of my submission was bittersweet. I found out that one of Michelle's friends lost his own battle with cancer.

Since then Michelle and her loving husband have continued their journey. They temporarily moved away from the Bay Area so that Michelle could receive cord blood cells in the hopes of countering the cancer. It all looked good. They stayed up at the center through the cold winter months

This latest post shook me. 10 days after her last chemo treatment, Michelle's cancer is rearing its ugly head once more. Only TEN days? Michelle has been fighting this thing since 2007 and it still won't let her go. They found that Michelle has a chemo-resistant strain of cancer. And there aren't many options left.

This sucks! Totally sucks! I'm not even related to Michelle. I haven't even meet her in real life. But her site has inspired me. Her strength is awesome. Her humor is infectious. Her love for her family, friends, and her husband is there in her eyes. Goodness exudes from her. And she is faced with "this" realization. And it makes me sad.

So if you've got a couple minutes, could you go over to Michelle's site and leave her a few words of encouragement?

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