Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another busy summer day [updated @ 10am]

Today is going to be a busy day for me.

Had to get the kids up early so that we can make it to their late 6-month dental check-up. They were supposed to be seen in April but (whoops!) it slipped my mind. Little did I know that the Bear would sleep into 7:30am and Princess would turn into a crawl out of bed at 9am this summer. I had to wake them bright and early at 7am, so we could leave at 8am and make the 8:30am and 9am appointments.

At 11am the kids have their last swim lesson of the session. Thankfully it looks cloudy outside so I'm hoping it won't be sweltering. The place has a bit of shade but dang it's still doggone hot outside.

Then I've still got to finish packing. We're going on an impromptu trip out to see my family (yet again!). We want to get out there since LilSis and Shorty had their little girl. The Hubs decided he'd leave work early today so that we could head out this afternoon. For those of you who've been reading a while, you know that the Hubs can drive at night. Me? Not so much. It's this business of wearing gas-permeable lenses -- my eyes get mighty tired at night. Scratchy. Dry. Just plain irritated when I wear them too long.

Like I said, I still have to pack. I've already gathered the kids clothes. I have to grab their toothbrushes and soap. I haven't packed even one bit for myself. Go figure? But I've got clothes in the drier right now that I want to wear. [sigh] I've also got to fit in a trip to the gas station to fill up.

But that's how it goes when it's the 4th of July weekend, eh?

What are YOU doing this holiday weekend?

------------ updated @ 10am

We're back home!

Took both kids to the dentist for their cleaning.

They came back with sparkling clean teeth. No cavities! The Bear had a little plaque on 2 of his new teeth. We've gotta make sure to get behind those front teeth. The Bear got his first panoramic x-ray. It was too funny watching him take direction from the dental assistant. He was so distracted by the equipment!

Unfortunately, the Bear had another meltdown during his cleaning. He cried. He coughed. He ended up with two little lakes in his ears. Yes. He had SO many tears that the tears pooled up in his ears. I think the issue was that he was trying to breath out of his mouth while the gal was cleaning his teeth. BREATH. THROUGH. YOUR. NOSE. KID. Oy! I ended up holding his little hands while he tossled his feet nervously. Poor kid. I think the process makes him so nervous inside. But I must say that this cleaning was better than the last. I'm hoping that the January appointment will go even better. [crossing fingers]

I finished about 95% of the packing. I still have to throw in all our toiletries. Haven't done it yet since I'll probably end up showering again after swim lessons. You know? Sweaty? I'm planning on having the kids shower after swim lessons as well, so they'll still need to use their toothbrushes and hairbrushes. But I've got a bunch done. Still have many tasks to do though. ARGH!

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jupiter said...

hope you have a great 4th July weekend with your new niece! Over here it's just a big weekend of sport this year, so no travelling needed.