Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Do you remember GS camp?

No. I know you guys out there don't remember Girl Scout camp, but how about Boy Scout camp?

Did you have a good time?

The Princess and the rest of the troop had a good time.

What cracks me up was the "cabin" that they all slept in. Rough description I'd say.

It's got a roof with wood walls. And that's chicken wire that's covering up the openings that they lovingly called windows. The curtains are on the inside so that they could block out light/noise when they slept. Definitely an "open air" cabin. They put their sleeping bags on top of metals beds with thin mattresses. But the sleeping wasn't what it was all about. It was about having a good time with the girls.

They did arts and crafts.

They went on a hike. A 3-mile hike. Yes! They walked 1.5 miles out. Had lunch. And then walked 1.5 miles back.

The last night they had a luau.

The Princess came home super-stinky. Since it was only a 2-night camp they did not take showers. You heard that right folks. No showers. Needless to say that I washed the Princess' clothes in HOT when we unloaded her backpack.

It's outings like this away from us that make me realize that the Princess is growing up. Soon enough she'll be going on one of those 5 day school trips. Y'all remember 6th Grade Camp? Or is that just a California thing? Or maybe you did a Washington D.C. trip in junior high/middle school? Yes. Trips away from home and family. Definitely a milestone.

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