Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cleaning & keeping busy (aka not fighting)

We didn't have a lot of drama today. For some reason the kids got along all day. No tattling. No running and crying to Mommy. It was heaven. I guess it's good to keep them busy and separated some days.

The Bear made a whole batch of tangerine orange Christmas-tree shaped Playdoh cookies. He spent at least an hour busily working on rolling out the Playdoh nice and thin. It was a great way for him to relish in the newly opened tangerine colored stuff. Y'all know how that once the stuff has been used a bit that it doesn't really keep the shape when rolled thin. But the Bear happily worked solo on his batch of cookies.

The Princess kept busy by getting things ready for a luau that she's organizing for tomorrow morning. Yes. She's organizing a party that will be held in her bedroom around 10am tomorrow. I found some old decorations and leis that we had leftover from one of her previous birthday parties. She also has got some games organized that her stuffed animals, the Bear, and I will play. Uh-huh. She's got it all together.

While the two were busy? I kept on target. My goal for today was to conquer the mass of clothing piled in the laundry room. I was able to wash/dry/put away six loads of laundry. Not tiny loads. FULL loads of laundry. YEAH! It's such an accomplishment to get it all done in one day. There are some weeks where the process drags on for days because I forget to move things along. You know how it gets. You get busy and things stay in the dryer. Whatever. But today I got it done.

Thankfully I remembered to buy laundry detergent when the kids and I dropped by CostCo last week. I was able to buy some Tide HE in a jumbo bottle, which was super nice. I grew up with Tide, so I like to buy it when I can. If I don't get the Tide, I usually buy All Free and Clear. Do you have a favorite detergent?

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