Friday, July 17, 2009

A night with only one child

Later on this afternoon, I'll be dropping off the Princess at a friend's birthday slumber party.

She just finished packing her bag by herself. Normally I pack the kids' stuff but since this is an outing that she'll be going to alone then I figured she'd be okay at packing.

Since the Princess will be gone overnight, the Hubs and I will only have to deal with ONE child tonight. One? Amazing how easy one is compared to two. No fighting. No need to share. Just personal time with Mommy and Daddy. I'm sure the Bear won't be missing his sister.

But before we only have one child, I am going to attend an afternoon luau. Yes. The luau that was supposed to happen this morning is going to happen this afternoon. We ended up running out to Old Navy to grab a gift card for today's birthday girl. When girls reach 8-10 years old most like to select their own clothes, so I'm trying to give this little girl the opportunity to make her own choices.

I've already discussed the Princess' upcoming cooler weather wardrobe. She let me know that she'd like to just wear denim jeans on the bottom with mix-n-match tops in green / blue / pink. We already bought some shoes that'll totally match anything I end up buying her. Cute, no?

Anyway, I'm sure that tonight will be relaxed. Time for the Hubs and I to cuddle. Take a breather. And just be.

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