Saturday, July 18, 2009

Making Mommy Laugh

I picked the Princess up by myself from the slumber party at her friend's house. We got caught up.
Me: Princess, I set up an account for you and the Bear on Mommy's new computer

Princess: You did?

Me: Yup. This way when you do homework, you can save stuff to your own file. I even gave you guys your own logo.

Princess: What's the picture look like?

Me: I chose a kitten for you guys. Mommy is a starfish. Daddy has a chess picture.

Princess: That's not right. Daddy should be the starfish and you should have the chess picture.

Me: What? Why?

Princess: You should have the chess picture because you're smart. Daddy should be the starfish because they're slow and like to sleep just like Dad does.

That just about made me laugh hysterically.

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