Sunday, July 19, 2009

Managing your friends

There are a lot of people out there who sign up on social networks.

With all social networks, you end up linking up with old friends and colleagues.

Do you go ahead and link to anyone who asks? Or do you scrutinize each add?

I ask because since creating a Facebook account, I've had a couple strange incidences.

There was first the old junior high acquaintance who ended up giving me the creeps. I added him as a friend. Then he sent me emails rather than posting on the main page. Asking me for my actual location. Asking me when I'd like to get together. Kind of trying to get too close too soon.

I must tell you that I wasn't the only one who got the "creep" vibe from this guy. My sister also got a sense of icki-ness from him. He was doing the same thing to her. Sending her emails about getting details.

What did we end up doing? We both ended up "un-friending" him from our Facebook accounts. What was interesting afterwards was that he sent us both another friend request. Huh? You've gotta think to yourself, the sisters both aren't showing up as friends for a reason?

I won't rehash it but y'all can probably the drama between the Hubs and myself over the family issue.

And my response to this? A delayed response but a response nonetheless. I have deleted all of the Hubs' family from my Facebook account. Yup. ALL. OF. THEM. ARE. DELETED. I am wondering how long it'll take before they realize I've removed them all. Hmmm.... But it's not like I interacted with ANY of them on Facebook. Seriously. No one has really written on my Wall or made comments to my status. Nothing. Nada. So why should I keep them?

My Facebook is for me. I want to feel comfortable saying whatever I want to say without being judged. So I felt SO good once I finished cleaning up my list. [sigh of relief]

Now do you add all your family because they're family? Or do you choose to only have old friends on your listing?

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jupiter said...

My take on social networking is that it's not so much a family thing - I gather that my daughters are friended, and I guess if it had been around at the time I would have expected the same with my sister - but I'm not sure I would feel comfortable with wider family seeing all the details of my life that I might want to share with friends. But plenty of folk might see it very differently - I know my opinions are often seen as weird for any number of reasons!