Monday, July 20, 2009

No way to hide it

Every Monday we have trash and recycle pick-up. We roll out the big green container for trash and we carry the 2 blue bins for recycle to the curb.

Inevitably, on Mondays I'm in the office reading through the weekend emails I've received from work. When you work for a virtual company, there are people who get a ton done over the weekend.

Anyway, I giggle to myself every Monday when the recycle truck goes by my neighbor across the street's (NATS) house. I can totally tell that the recycle truck is there. How? Because I hear a ton of bottles being poured into the recycle truck. Yes. Lots. Of. Glass. Bottles. And I know for a fact that those bottles are the adult beverage kind.

When my NATS moved in, we met NATS wife. We were here at home and the doorbell rang. We opened it up and she introduced herself. Fine and dandy, right? But she wasn't there to only introduce herself, she was there to see if she could borrow a wine bottle opener. Uh-huh. In the middle of her move she was going to open up a bottle of wine.

You all might think it's a special occasion thing, but it's not. When the kids would play in the cul-de-sac, NATS wife would carry a bottle covered in a "cozy". There have been times when she's actually just brought out a huge wine glass full of wine. Yeah. And when both our girls were going around the neighborhood getting their Girl Scout cookies orders? NATS wife had one of those big plastic mugs (the kind you get from Circle K?) filled with a beverage. I'm sure it was the adult kind as well.

So? Every Monday, I hear the result of what she's consumed for the week. Yes. Every Monday. [clink-clink-clink]

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