Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Holy guacamole people! Guess what?

School starts in less than TWO weeks!!!

That's right folks. My kids are back to their regularly scheduled days in less than 14 days.

Can I hear a "halleluia"? A-m-e-n!

Seriously! The kids got out of school mid-May, so it's high time that they get back into the groove. But I still cannot believe that I'm almost at the end of a summer with both kids at home. I haven't had to do that in years. Remember that I had the Bear in daycare before he started school. Then I had the Princess at day camp for a couple years. This was the first summer in ages that I've had to tackle the kids alone for 5 days in a row. Making them breakfast. Making them lunch. Then getting dinner ready. Separating them as I hear their tempers escalate. Breaking up the inevitable fights that suddenly happen out of the blue. Kissing boo-boos. [sigh]

It's been a tough summer for this Mom. I don't know how you all do it with more than two. Bless your tender hearts. I can barely manage with two. But that's kind of why we stopped when we were blessed with two kids. The Hubs and I both knew that we couldn't handle more than that.

So we're in transition right now. Last week, I had to make sure the kids were both awake by 8am. EIGHT in the morning? Yes. I had to make sure they had rolled their sorry keesters out of their cozy beds at eight. This week it's been a 7am wake-up. Next week we'll move to the dreaded 6am rise and shine. Because as of August 3rd, we'll be getting them up and ready for school. The Mommy-train is scheduled to depart from the station daily at 7:30am.

Next Thursday we'll be dropping by the school. It's the official "Meet the Teacher" day. Now that she's in an upper grade, the Princess is technically supposed to "meet" her teacher on Friday. But I'm not going back two days in a row. She knows her teacher already anyway. All the Princess really wants to do is see which classroom the 4th grade will be in this year and find out where her cubby is located. It'll be interesting for the Bear. The first grade will be welcoming a new teacher this year. I think it's supposed to be a male teacher too, but I'm not too sure. But since there is going to be a new face, I want to be sure to give the Bear an opportunity to meet his teacher prior to the first day of school.

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