Thursday, July 23, 2009

Impromptu Playdate

The kids and I decided to have fried-rice along with some fried Spam for lunch today.

But alas? I didn't have enough rice to make a good portion. So? The kids and I piled into the car to the grocery store.

Since I was frying up some Spam, I decided that it would be nice to invite our neighbors over. Ya see, the gal is Filipino and her husband cannot STAND the smell of Spam. Thus? She rarely makes it. Before we left the neighborhood, I stopped my car in front of their house and sent the Princess out to invite them over for lunch. This family is just in for this week so we've been making sure to hook up with them. They're the ones who are in Taiwan for a 2-year stint?

The kids came over at noon. Their Dad brought the kids over to our house. And guess what? He brought me some food -- chicken adobo. Yum!

Anyway, it's now been 2 hours since the kids arrived. What have they done?
  • Ate lunch.
  • Played dress up. Got changed about half a dozen times each
  • Played hide-n-seek.
  • Ate a snack.
  • A couple are playing Wii right now.
  • A couple are sitting down at our "art center" making creations with markers & crayons.
  • I've given them all one tattoo each. I may give them another one in an hour -- if they've been good.
  • Right now they're bidding their time and keeping busy until their Capri Suns chill out in the freezer and get "slushy".
I have NO IDEA when their parents are coming over to pick them up. If they're still here around 4pm, I think I'll have to walk them back home myself. You know?

What's nice is that when the Princess dropped by their house a while ago to invite them over, their Dad let me know that we're invited to Pump It Up tomorrow to play. A few of the neighborhood kids will be there as well. So? Lesson? Every good neighborly deed becomes one in return.

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